Though I believe that no one can teach another parent how to raise their children, I also believe in the power of community and in the power of supporting one another through our differences and diversity. That being said, here are some of the ways I think I’m raising a Godly child.

1. Spoken words

Words are powerful and they often kill or give life so I pay attention on how I use them. I’ve been a mother for 8 years now ( I know I can’t believe it either) and I have never called my child names or degraded him with words even when he’s driving me crazy. It’s hard to believe but even when he’s being bad, I speak to him and tell him that he is good and that it’s not part of his character and I also remind him who he is. So basically I speak the things I want to see in him as if they already are, even when they aren’t and * especially when they aren’t. You have to connect your child to his identity in God because if you don’t, the world is waiting to tell your child who he is not. Plus the Bible says, train up a child the way that he should go.

2. Conversation 

Yes, the obvious thing right?! Talk to your children about things, they will appreciate it. Kids need to hear the things that they are doing wrong as well as the things they are doing right. When I was a kid, there were times I got hit without warning and I never asked questions and I was very frustrated. Can you imagine that there are times my son thanks me for punishing him because he saw another child’s behaviour getting out of control? (but even if he didn’t thank me, I wouldn’t care cause my job is to raise him not to be his friend although I appreciate the benefit of our friendship). Talk to them about respect and its importance but also respect them so they can learn from you. I realize I am not perfect  so I also talk about the things I need to be better at and apologize when I’m wrong and even when I’m right but overreacted.

3. Prayers and Bible reading

What’s a Godly child without those two components? (haha cliché right?)  I teach my son how to pray because I believe that it’s important. I haven’t  always been  a Christian and there were times I thought my mom’s prayers were enough and then  I realized that  it was important for me to know God for myself which is why I need my son to be independent in his walk with God at a very young age. I also do encourage him to serve when I’m at service in ministry. I spend a great deal of time praying for him, his life, his wife, his future career, his friends, his teachers, school etc. We do bible reading together and those around me do it with him as well and we allow him to ask questions and seek deeper (which I’m thankful he’s been interested in so far, hoping it won’t change lol). I like taking him to night prayers so he can see the devotion and I also set time for our prayer so he knows it should be part of his daily life.

Those are some of the ways I am raising my son to the best of my knowledge and every child is very different. So I would say seek God to know what’s best for your children, who they are, their mission on earth, also how you can love and serve them.

I’m sharing my prayer verses with you on and feel free to ask and give tips on how you are raising your Godly child (ren)

Romans 8:18

Peace and Grace be with you,

Arielle ♥️